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Fraud Prevention Startup Secured Nearly $100M


The primary aim of this project was to provide the client with the guidance and knowledge they needed to succeed in entering North American fraud prevention market.


We conducted comprehensive market research and analysis to develop a deep understanding of the market and position the client within it. Throughout the entire research process, we identified key pain points, potential opportunities, key competitors, and stakeholders in the market.

We developed a detailed, step-by-step expansion plan to maximise the client's existing resources and take advantage of available opportunities. This plan included recommendations for navigating complex regulations, complying with compliance requirements, and identifying potential partners and vendors to support the expansion efforts.

At the end, we successfully helped them secure nearly $100 million in a series B round of investment!

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Provide the client with a deep understanding of the NA fraud prevention market.


Compile a comprehensive strategy that includes regulations and supply chain management strategies to successfully navigate the complexities of the expansion.


Advise on talent acquisition and human resources strategies


Develop a customised expansion plan for the client, including identifying strategies for maximising the use of existing resources.


Support the client in securing additional funding, which was a key objective for the client.



Client's limited knowledge of the NA market

As a European startup, the client required further knowledge of the North American market and its unique characteristics. We were responsible for gathering as much information as possible about the market and providing the client with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges they would face.


Complex regulations

Expansion into a new market often involves navigating complex regulations and compliance requirements. In the case of the NA's fraud prevention market, there was a range of regulations that the client needed to be aware of and comply with in order to operate successfully.


Tough competition

The NA's fraud prevention market is highly competitive, with a range of established players and newer entrants vying for market share. We thoroughly analysed the competitive landscape and identified opportunities for the client to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage.


Limited resources

As a startup, the client needed more resources and had to make the most of their existing assets to achieve their expansion goals. We developed strategies that allowed the client to utilise their current resources and maximise their chances of success.



To support the client in this endeavour, we started by conducting a thorough market analysis to identify key pain points, potential opportunities, and competitors in the North American fraud prevention market. This analysis included interviews with key stakeholders and industry experts, as well as extensive desk research utilising a range of sources such as industry reports, company websites, and online databases. To gather information about competitors, we also applied tools such as Porter's Five Forces framework to analyse the competitive forces at play in the market and identify the key players. Thus, in order to fully understand the market and the unique challenges and opportunities facing the client, we applied a SWOT analysis framework, which allowed us to evaluate the client's strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for differentiation and growth.

With a deep understanding of the market and prospected client's position within it, we developed a detailed, step-by-step plan for the client's entry into the North American market. This plan included strategies for maximising the use of existing resources and taking advantage of available opportunities. We also thoroughly analysed the client's supply chain and identified potential partners and vendors in the NA to support their expansion efforts.

In addition to the plan, we also compiled a comprehensive strategy document that included information about relevant regulations and supply chain management strategies. This document served as a valuable resource for the client as they navigated the complexities of expanding into a new market.

At the end of the project, the client was able to secure nearly $100M of investment in series B round to finance the progress towards achieving their expansion goals. Working with the client and contributing to their success in this exciting new market was nothing but a pleasure. Expanding into a new market is never easy, but with the proper planning and strategy, it is definitely achievable.



Successful fundraising

The client was able to secure nearly $100M in their series B round of investment, which was a crucial step in achieving their expansion goals.

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A deep understanding of the market
Our team gathered extensive information about the market and applied various business theories and frameworks to analyse and interpret this data.

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A customised expansion plan 

Based on our market analysis and project's unique aims and goals, we developed a detailed, step-by-step plan for the client's entry into the North American market.

A comprehensive strategy document

In addition to the expansion plan, we also compiled a strategy document with information about relevant regulations and supply chain management strategies.

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